About Taiwan

Taiwan is an island located in East Asia and on the northwestern side of the Pacific Ocean. It covers an area of ​​about 36,000 square kilometers and is the 38th largest island in the world. As of December 2019, Taiwan's population has exceeded 23 million. Among them, the Greater Taipei area (that is, Taipei, New Taipei City, and Keelung) with the administrative center "Taipei" is the largest, with a total population of more than 7 million.


Taiwan is the 27th largest economy or country in the world. The electronics industry plays an important role in the world economy. Most computer electronic components are produced in Taiwan. In addition to Acer (the fourth largest computer brand in the world) and Asus (ASUS, the world's largest manufacturer of personal computer motherboards), other brands such as Giant (World, a world-renowned premium bicycle brand), Friends, Trend Micro, MSI Technology and Evergreen Group are all well-known.


InterNations, the world's largest foreign traveler website, published an annual survey at the end of 2019, announcing the ranking of "the world's most suitable city for overseas people to migrate, live and work". Taipei, Taiwan ranked first for the second consecutive year, at 64 Stand out among the countries.


According to the 2019 World Bank Group report, Taiwan scored 80.9 points (out of 100 points) in terms of convenient business environment, ranking 13th among 190 economies, and Hong Kong ranked 4th (84.22 points).



Official language



Approximately 23 millions


Taiwan New Dollar(TWD)


AC 110V, 60Hz

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Why choose Taiwan?

Pleasant Weather

Taiwan has a subtropical climate, but it can be divided into two climate zones (Central and Northern part: Subtropical Monsoon Climate Zone; Southern part is Tropical Monsoon Climate Zone). Because Taiwan is an island, it is affected by warm and humid air currents and ocean currents. Therefore, it belongs to the marine climate and is affected by the continental climate because it is close to the mainland. Every March to May coincides with the spring and rainy season at the turn of spring and summer in Taiwan, with drizzle weather patterns; From May to September, it is summer in Taiwan. The weather is hot, and the Taipei area is the topography of the basin, so that the heat cannot be dissipated quickly Together with the Urban Heat Island Effect, summer maximum temperatures often reach 35 ° C and above. Taiwan is an island terrain surrounded by the sea. From September to May of the following year, when the cold and high pressure of Siberia in the north goes south, the cold air is tempered by the ocean, so the temperature is relatively warm even in winter. In winter, the temperature of the flat land north of Tainan may be as low as 10 ° C or lower.

Low cost of living

According to the results of the 2019 “Global Cost of Living Survey” published by the British Economist Intelligence Unit, Taipei ranks 56th among the 133 cities, while Singapore, Hong Kong and Paris together have the highest cost of living in the world.

National Health Insurance

In order to improve the health of all citizens, Taiwan began to implement universal health insurance on March 1, 1995 to provide medical care services. A report by the Department of Health shows that people are 90% satisfied with health insurance.

Twelve years of free basic national education

It is the Ministry of Education of the Republic of China that hopes to extend the number of years of basic education, integrate and integrate the first three years of high school, vocational education, and five specialized schools to improve national quality and national strength.

Cultural Harmony

Taiwan is rich in Chinese culture, and at the same time is deeply affected by European, American and Japanese cultures. Taiwan and Hong Kong also have a diverse and compatible cultural outlook. The main language of Taiwan is Mandarin, which is similar to the Mandarin of the Mainland China. The written font is Traditional Chinese. As in Hong Kong and Macao, it can be seen that Taiwan and Hong Kong and Macao cultures have the same roots and culture.