About H.K.

The economy of Hong Kong has always been well known for free trade, low tax rates and minimal government intervention in the world. It has a reputation as an international metropolis and attracts investments from businessmen from all over the world.


Hong Kong is the most liberal economy in the world, and its economy is predominated by the service industry to the highest degree in the world. Service industry accounts for more than 90% of GDP. Foreign direct investment volume and investment rank second in the world, second only to the United States.


Hong Kong has a close economic relationship with the Mainland of China. It is the most important entrepot for the Mainland, the largest source of foreign investment, and an important offshore fund-raising centre for mainland enterprises.


The official languages ​​of Hong Kong are Chinese and English. In government departments, the legal profession, professionals and the business community, English is a widely used language. In the many enterprises that do business in Hong Kong or do business in the Mainland and Taiwan, trilingual talents who are fluent in English, Cantonese and Putonghua hold important positions.



Hong Kong Special Administrative Region

Official language

Chinese and English


Approximately 7.5 million


Hong Kong Dollar (HKD)


AC 220V, 50Hz

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Why choose H.K.?

Freedom of Entry and Exit

Hong Kong Special Administrative Region passports are valid worldwide and there are now 159 countries making arrangements for exempting passport holders from visa or visa-on-arrival.

Low Tax Rate and Simple Taxation System

Hong Kong’s independent taxation and low tax rate policies are safeguarded by the Hong Kong Basic Law. According to "Paying Tax 2017”, Hong Kong is ranked the third in the 189 economic system and ranked first in Asia. The highest profits tax rate for enterprises in Hong Kong is 16.5%, which is conducive to getting higher return for companies investing in Hong Kong. In addition, a number of taxes, such as sales tax, estate duty and dividend tax are exempted, to the benefit of Hong Kong citizens.

Internationalization of Education System

Hong Kong on one hand learns the educational philosophy of the United Kingdom and the United States, and on the other hand it is rooted in Chinese culture. Against the background of international diversity, Hong Kong focuses on English proficiency which enable students to have a certain level of command of English. This will facilitate the future studies abroad or career development for students.

Good Welfare System

The Social Welfare Department of Hong Kong implements a social security system that does not require contributions. It includes the Comprehensive Social Security Assistance Scheme, the Social Security Allowance Scheme and the Traffic Accident Victims Assistance Scheme to ensure that Hong Kong residents enjoy a stable life. In addition, Hong Kong is currently implementing 15 years free education which includes 3 years of kindergartens, 6 years of primary school, and 6 years of secondary school.