About New Zealand

New Zealand contains two major islands, the South Island and the North Island which are separated by the Cooke Channel. The capital, Wellington, is located at the end of the North Island. It also contains a number of other small islands. The total area of ​​New Zealand is about 270,000 square kilometers, but its population density is very low. New Zealand enjoys a refreshing climate, pleasant environment, beautiful scenery and there are numerous attractive tourist spots. The official languages ​​of New Zealand are English and Maori. The daily language is English. Chinese migrants mainly gathering in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch.




Official language

English, Maori, New Zealand Sign Language


4.609 million


New Zealand Dollar(NZD)

Time difference with Hong Kong

Summer (September to April): 5 hours ahead of Hong Kong

Non-summer (May to August): 4.5 hours ahead of Hong Kong


AC 230V, 50Hz

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Why choose New Zealand?

Advanced and Perfect Political System

According to the "Corruption Perception Index" (CPI) published by Transparency International (TI), the New Zealand government has been ranked the 1st for many times and has become the most honest and upright country in the world.

New Zealand is a parliamentary democratic country. Its political system basically follows the Westminster system. New Zealand adopts a system with separate executive, legislative and judicial powers. The central government is composed of parliaments, cabinets, and courts, and the parliament is re-elected once every three years. The political environment is stable.

Pleasant Environment

New Zealand is located in the temperate zone with beautiful scenery; green pastoral fields are everywhere. There are golden beaches and snow-covered mountains. New Zealand has a variety of landscape in the world, including glaciers, forests, coasts, volcanoes, grasslands, deserts, etc. It is literally a natural classroom.

Perfect Welfare System

New Zealand school entry age is 5 and free education for national primary and secondary school which are from 5 to 15. New Zealand residents are entitled for minimum wages, family allowances, medical subsidies and pensions to support the livelihood of individuals. In addition, in order to encourage people to have children, the government will bear all the expenditure from pregnancy to delivery. After the birth of child, 16 weeks paid parental leave will be granted. Subsidy will also be paid for parents during the parental leave.