About E.U.

Europe is the sixth largest continent in the world with an area of 10,180,000 square kilometers (3,931,000 square miles) and a population of 742,452,000 (2013). It is the third most populous continent in the world. It is second only to Asia and Africa and has 50 independent nations.


The European Union (EU) is a political and economic alliance established under the Maastricht Treaty (also known as the "European Union Treaty") that entered into force in 1993. The European Union has 28 member states, and all political members are democratic country. The European Parliament is a democratically elected body that represents the interests of all citizens of the European Union. It is also the fifth year in a row. The latest session has a total of 751 seats. The 28 member countries are assigned to a certain number of seats according to the principle of diminishing proportions of their population.




Official language

All languages of the EU members are official languages


About 517 million


Euro (€, EUR)

Time difference with Hong Kong

Summer (March to October): 8 hours behind of Hong Kong

Non-summer (November to March): 7 hours behind of Hong Kong


AC 220V, 50Hz

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Why choose E.U.?

Developed European trade market

The members of the European Economic Area and the EU member states are free to trade and are protected by most EU laws. The scope includes social policies, consumer protection, the environment, company law, etc., enabling companies to trade with confidence.

Convenient Transportation

European train tickets can be purchased via the Eurail Pass. They can be either single or multinational. Except for the high-speed train reservation fee, the trains can be used for unlimited times within a limited period. It facilitates residents' free access to European countries and for tourism or business purposes. In addition to trains, you can also choose to move among cities by plane or bus.

Enjoy EU national welfare

In addition to being free to enter and leave the EU, EU passport holders can live, work, study, live in any of these countries, and enjoy the same benefits as locals.