Portugal Golden Residence Permit Program

The general requirement for Golden Visa applications is a minimum investment of 500,000 EUR into real estate, however golden visa legislation in Portugal means that a 30% reduction is applied to the minimum investment requirement for investments into buildings that are over 30 years old that require renovation, therefore there are a number of projects where investors can qualify at the 350,000 EUR mark (including renovation costs).

On top of this when a project is located in an area of low density such as this one in Evora, the minimum investment required is reduced by a further 20% to 280,000 EUR. 


Programme Advantage/ Features:

  • Fast track to obtaining Residence Permit
  • No education or language requirement
  • No management experiences needed
  • Short stay (7 days) required per year
  • Low cost of investment
  • Qualification for citizenship in Portugal (EU passport) after 5 years of temporary residence


Basic requirements of the main applicant:

  • Aged at least 18
  • Invest 280,000 EUR in property (designated area)